Antipesto Pest Control Currambine

Currambine pest control perth

Antipesto Pest Control Currambine is a locally based Western Australian owned family company. Tucked away behind Joondalup, Currambine’s lush vegetation, trees and parks all combine to produce pests in summer and winter months. Summer sees the arrival of the eternal ant infestation as well as Spiders. Late Autumn and Winter will see millipede infestations and rodents running in your roof. Get Antipesto on your side today!

Currambine Pests

  • It’s ant time in Currambine all the time!
  • Rats and Mice start in June and go throughout winter.
  • September the Spiders start up and go through Summer.
  • Millipedes are starting to encroach every summer and spring, especially around Christchurch Terrace.
  • German Cockroaches are common around the shops off Delaware Avenue.
  • Currambine Termites munch all year round, Inspections are essential.