Perth Rodent Demolition Treatment $210


Antipesto Pest Control Perth are Demolition Rodent Baiting Experts and can service your property when convenient to you.

  • Hard Plastic Tamper Proof Rodent Stations used at Ground Level for extra protection

  • World’s best bait Ditrac by Bell Laboratories made in USA

  • Bait contains Bittrex taste deterrent (only rats and mice can eat it as they don’t have bitter tastebuds)

  • Full three month warranty

  • Let us email your Certificate of Rodent Treatment for Demolition


Rodents in Perth

Properties scheduled for demolition need to be treated for rats and mice to prevent the spread of rodents to surrounding properties and bushland. Buildings next to parks and water in Perth and Joondalup  tend to attract large numbers of rats and mice, especially in the winter months. Councils of towns such as Subiaco, Bayswater and Joondalup in particular are fairly strict when it comes to rodent control measures. Subiaco Council Demolition Rules Gosnells Council Demolition Rules Bayswater Council Demolition Rules Canning Council Demolition Rules Stirling Council Demolition Rules  Melville Council Demolition Rules Wanneroo Council Demolition Rules