Pest Control Perth

Antipesto Pest Control Perth is a family operated pest control company in Perth dedicated to servicing your home, business and investment. 

Pest Control

Residential Pest Control

Our $290 Pest control special is the most requested treatment.

Real Estate Pest Services

PrePurchase Termite Inspections, End of Lease Flea Treatments etc.

Commercial Pest Control

Eliminate pests in your Office, Warehouse, Shop or Factory…

Termite Inspection & Termites

Termite & Timber Pest Inspections, Termite Spot Treatments.

Pest Control Services Perth

We offer Joondalup & Perth pest control services at an affordable price.

We care about the results: Other Perth pest control companies sub-contract the work which often leads to a lack of care, a lack of quality and ineffective work. Our Perth based pest control company is a family-owned business and not a shareholder driven multi-national. 

Our experience: We have been looking after the pest control requirements of Perth and Joondalup customers for well over fifteen years. Our Perth based pest control company can service your home, commercial business or investment property. 

Perth's Most Popular Pest Control Services

Ant Pest Control

In Perth's hot summers, our ant pest treatment is by far the most booked in job. With a full three warranty inside & out, you can safely keep those ants away at a great price. Check out all the details here...


General Pest Treatment

This is our most popular pest control treatment as it includes a full three month warranty for spiders, ants & cockroaches. No smells, odours or nasty fumes keeps you safe and free from pests. 

Spider Pest Control

A specific pest control treatment focused on Spiders is sometimes needed. Spider bites can affect your immune system and in these trying times, spider prevention is much better option. Backed by a full three month warranty, this is great value for money.

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Not your regular Perth Pest Control Company!

Termite Pest Control

Taking Care of Termites for years


Antipesto Termite Control Perth specialises in the art of detecting and preventing termites. Termites that attack houses in Western Australia are subterranean, meaning they travel and usually live under the ground level. This makes them difficult to detect. Of course we have all the experience and termite detection tools to help you with your property and investment.


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Perth Pest Questions

Here are some of the common questions our Perth pest control customers ask us. Still have questions?

Are your pest treatments safe for pets & kids?

All of our products used inside and outside your property are free from solvents, gases & aerosols. This means you will not smell or breathe in anything at all! Our water based products target insects only & our rodent treatment targets rats & mice only.

How much do pest control treatments cost?

Most pest control treatments cost between $240 to $450 depending on the package selected. Customers have annual or twice yearly pest treatments and target ants, spiders & cockroaches all at once. Our $290 Pest Special for Spiders, Cockroaches & Ants inside & out is our most requested treatment.

How do I prepare for my pest treatment?

Please leave spider webs and ant mounds alone so we can see where your pest probems are! Take any clothes of the washing line and shut your windows. Open up any sheds, garages and areas you would like to be pest free. Clear out any cupboards or inside areas you need treated also.

What should I expect after my pest control treatment?

There will be no smell. You should see a massive reduction of the pest population. Small areas may experience more pest activity up to two weeks as they are flushed out. Please leave sprinklers off for two days after your pest treatment, so ants wander out in search of water.

How often and when should I have my pest treatment?

Usually domestic home clients use our pest services once or twice a year, depending on location and target pest. It's smart to combine pests targeted all into one treatment. For example, a roof void treatment for rats is $210 by itself, but only $100 extra with any pest treatment.

Perth Pest Control Reviews

“Reliable, Organised and Friendly. I can recommend Antipesto to anybody.”


“Thanks Antipesto for sorting out my problem right away in a professional and friendly manner.”

Craig Williams

“Thank you for your advice, the service you have provided has been extremely good.”

Caroline Webster