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Antipesto Perth Pest Control is a progressive family owned Western Australian business dedicated to servicing your home, business and investment. We have been looking after Perth and Joondalup for well over ten years. You need the best, friendliest, safest pest control service at a great price with a full warranty completed at your convenience. We realise the need for safe and affordable pest solutions in our community so please do not hesitate to contact us for help or general advice.

Spider control in Perth means redbacks, white tails, daddy long legs and those fat, nasty looking black house spiders peeking out from under your fencing.

We know all the spots they hide, we know where they feed and what they feed on and most importantly we know how to get rid of them.We recommend leaving spiders alive as they are the best controllers ever, but when you’ve seen white tailed spiders inside or redbacks under kids play equipment you may believe differently. One thing we have noticed is they are getting bigger every year, and the black house spider in particular seems to be much more aggressive.

Spiders either feed on other insects or each other.

The world standard for the best possible spider treatment includes a Biflex Aquamax elimination and prevention spray to pretty much all outside areas including walls, fences, pergolas, verandahs, decking, sheds, eaves, gutters, bins, letterboxes, drains and drainpipes. Internal treatment to cornices, ducts, walls, nooks and crannies is a good idea also, but can be avoided if you so wish. Dusting in roofs can also be beneficial.

All of our products have no smell, nasty gases or volatile chemicals.

You are either concerned with those big ones coming in from outside or those little tiny ones everywhere inside.

German cockroaches are those little ones that come out at night, hiding in your microwave, kettle and cupboard hinges. We know all the spots!

Otherwise you’re trying to get rid of those huge black or flying brown ones under you decking, in your bin, in your drains and living in your mulch. If you are seeing cockroaches in the daytime , you really know you’re infested.

Luckily Antipesto Cockroach Control Perth has the fastest, effective solutions for you, your property or business. As you know roaches feed on pretty much anything they can get, they love moist, dark cracks and crevasses and will breed often. Our treatment consists of a combination of flushing out, killing and breaking down the social structures of German, Australian, American and Oriental cockroaches.

We use a flushing dust of Coopex, the world’s best cockroach bait Goliath and a residual treatment spray to eliminate them fast and stop their return.


Perth’s mediterreanean climate means species such as coastal brown ants, white footed house ants, black footed, house ants, carpenter ants and argentine ants will grow into infestations unless treated by Antipesto.

You can try to take care of them yourself, but in all honesty a professional pest treatment would probably cost the same in the long run, and you’ll have a three month warranty. We use only premium products such as Termidor, which targets colonies at the nest through the transfer effect.

Commercial kitchens, office lunchrooms and bathrooms are all common infestation areas. Preventative pest treatments are a smart move, particularly if employees suffer from allergies. Reactions from ant bites are uncommon, but can be severe.

Ants are mostly either sugar or protein feeders, we target them using baits in conjunction with a termidor ant treatment. This is by far the most effective way to keep ants away, but costs more to pest control companies.

Termidor ant treatment are our standard and we do not apply surcharges! Why? Because we know you’ll be a repeat customer.

When it comes to mouse and rat problems, Antipesto Rodent Pest Control Perth has the solution for you. From full commercial baiting programs to household situations, we can implement the required methods for your particular situation. Rats and Mice can be eradicated safely, quickly and efficiently by Antipesto Pest Control. Baiting, monitoring, physical exclusion and hygiene are all part of keeping mice and rats away. We want to get rid of rodents and also stop them coming back.

Perth Termite Inspections

Antipesto Termite Control Perth specialises in the art of detecting and preventing termites. Termites that attack houses in Western Australia are subterranean, meaning they travel and usually live under the ground level. This makes them difficult to detect.

Of course we have all the experience and termite detection tools to help you with your property and investment. Alongside a quality building inspection, a pre purchase timber pest inspection is the most important part of a property’s settlement. We deal with conveyancers directly and to speed up the sale process, our termite inspection reports are completed and delivered the day of inspection. We will even give you free termite prevention advice.

All our Termite inspectors are fully accredited, police cleared and have a minimum of ten years experience specifically with Termites.



Perth Pest Exterminator

Raising the standards one job at a time, exceeding expectations and delivering fantastic service is standard at Antipesto Pest Control Perth.

There are many different aspects of Pest Control in Perth that we need to think about when eliminating pests and preventing their return. Seasonal differences, location, terrain and harbourage areas for Western Australian pests vary greatly.

Our years of experience, research and field knowledge in all aspects of controlling insects, rodents, arachnids and bed bugs means you will save time, money and feel great knowing you have a full warranty backed by an honest,Western Australian owned pest control company.

No job too big or too small, we give free quotes and advice in regard to Perth pests- especially if you are interested in DIY pest control, natural pest control methods and pest remedies. Many of our enquiries are about termites, it’s amazing they are still ignored by so many property owners, so we love to answer any questions about them you have.

Antipesto technicians are only provided with the best, safest and most effective products. This means you will not be exposed to any smells or chemical odours.

We have fully certified organic pest management options available also. Many different methods need to be employed in varying situations whether it be baiting, treating or flushing out pests. We have the knowledge required to deliver the best in Integrated Pest Management.


Raising the standards one  job at a time, exceeding expectations and delivering fantastic service is standard at Antipesto Pest Control Perth.

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