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Bed Bugs Treatment In Western Australia

Bed bugs feed on human blood and Antipesto Pest Control Perth has found women are 3 times more likely to be bitten. Antipesto Bed Bug Treatment Perth has seen an increase in Bedbug problems throughout Perth, due to frequent travel and restrictions on the use of strong chemicals.

We have all the latest methods, techniques and pest control knowledge to eliminate them with fast, effective treatments. If you are experiencing red bites, itchiness or simply seeing bedbugs, it is very important to get a proper treatment with a full three month warranty.

It is common to require more than one treatment so you don’t want to be paying for each visit. The mental anguish, physical discomfort, financial burden and legal actions caused by Perth Bed Bugs must not be ignored by property owners, property managers and businesses.


Perth Bedbugs (Cimex lectularius)

A rusty red to dark brown colour, bedbugs can reach up to half a centimetre in length and half an oval shaped, flat body with visible ridges. Often there will be smaller, juvenile nymphs visible also. Black, brown or red spots may be present and tiny white eggs hanging from cloth, furnishings or carpeting are signs of Bed Bug infestation. Female bedbugs lay up to 500 eggs that which hatch within a month and these offspring require “blood meals” after each of their five stages of growth. They can survive months without blood meals and live for up to a year.

Bed bugs are the hardest pest to eradicate due to their thin bodies allowing them to hide in all cracks, crevasses, linings and gaps. They can travel long distances but prefer to be close to their human host for their blood meal, living in groups containing juvenile nymphs and adults. They are hardy survivors, breed prolifically and spread quickly through domestic and commercial premises. They bite before dawn  injecting blood thinning saliva which causes swelling, redness, unbearable irration or even allergic reactions.

Bedbugs are likely to dwell in apartments, hotels, assisted living facilities and shared accommodation. They will be found on beds, bed framing, mattress beading, curtains, carpet edges, furniture, linen, clothing, even behind electrical switches! One millimetre’s clearance is more than enough for a bedbug home.

The exponential cost increase to business through lost time, property damage and liability lawsuits shows they must be properly treated properly, safely and quickly. Antipesto Bed Bug Control Perth will exterminate them economically, effectively and swiftly.

You will be informed throughout and receive maximum benefit from all work carried out. Bedbug treatments can be completed the same day you contact Antipesto.

Best ways to protect yourself from & stop Perth bedbugs:

  • Install bedbug protectors and barriers on all beds.
  • Check all hotel room mattresses and their beading for bedbugs when travelling.
  • Inspect all clothing and luggage when returning home.
  • Regular vacuuming is fantastic.
  • Check all goods and furnishings before bringing them into your property.



“Pest Control Perth Bed Bug Expert” Video Transcript

” Hello, Ashley from Antipesto Pest Control just giving you advice on how to keep away bed bugs.

Now, to identify bedbugs you need to identify eggs and the shape of the bedbugs themselves. They can be quite small or quite large. The eggs are always pretty tiny. Little white spots. And they can be pretty much anywhere.

You can see by these curtains here. I want you to notice the different size of the bed bugs. At different stages of growth,or instars, as they are known. Most bed bugs go between five to seven instars. And they require at least one blood meal between each instar. These guys looking quite healthy and happy.

Now they will hide in linen, clothing, furniture, any fabrics, curtains, curtain rods, carpet edging, of course beds, um shoes, anywhere where they can fit their flat body basically. Electrical sockets. It’s very important to inspect everywhere. Especially inside thebed base as you can see.

Now Pest Controllers, the best way to do it is with chemical means.For instant results. But it also depends a lot on the co-operation of the client. If you can do the right thing then we’ll get rid of them a lot easier and save you money and time in the long run.

So once we’ve treated it, if you can keep up the hygiene. Physical removal is another option with vacuums but that’s a bit more dangerous in itself. we’ll take care of all of that. Pest Controllers can also use heat treatments. You need to get it over at least seventy degrees Celsius for a day or two. Black Bags in the sun is always a good option. The code of practice for bed bugs doesn’t recommend that but in real situations it works fantastic and minimises the use of chemicals. Can also use steam treatments. Or go the opposite way to the heat and cold treatments.

But that’s a bit more difficult you need to get it in the freezer for at least two hours at negative twenty degrees. So, unless you can fit a bed in the freezer, you’re going to need to get rid of it. Leaving the premises for a few weeks is not going to work. Bedbugs can live for a few months without any meals whatsoever. You can see the size of this guy, he’s quite happy. This infestation was fairly bad.

They can travel tens of metres, so…It’s not uncommon for them to travel from apartment to apartment, get a meal, then go back and hide. The black spotting there is blood marks or blood spotting as we call it. There’s also their refuse. The darker black spots is actually their poo. It’s important to let bed bugs be and not spread them. You don’t want them to get out of control.

You can give us call on 0430099430 we will come and take care of them for you. Thats the end of the main part of the video but if you’d like to tune in for a bit more footage of bedbugs.

A lot of people always ask me what they look like and their behaviour. A picture says a thousand words. You can see the shed carapaces or the shed skins there. And the different instars, or stages of growth of the bedbugs. See you’d treat these curtains ideally, for instant results.

But another option is to wrap them up in a plastic bag and put them in the sun. But when they are infested as this, my recommendation is TREAT AND GET RID OF THEM. The curtains are ruined anyway, you’ll never get those stains out. You might as well start afresh. Why take the risk?

So bedbugs will require a blood meal at every stage of growth. Before they shed their skin. So, in theory, the more blood meals they get; the faster they will breed. One female bed bug will lay up to five hundred eggs over the course of a year. And that will spread of course and breed as well if there’s plenty of food sources.

You can see the smaller and younger they are, the more see through they are. This bedbug’s actually got blood in it’s bum so it must of just had a meal last night or in the early hours of this morning. And no matter how hard you shake it you can see how clingy they are, they’ll stick in there. with their flat body they can wedge themselves into cracks and crevices. Quite clever at disguising themselves away.

Basically anything fabric needs to have something done to it to get rid of bed bugs and to keep them  away. Whether it’s heat treatment, cold treatment, destruction, chemical treatment. You can’t just ignore them otherwise it gets to a situation like this. I mean, you’d hopefully not got to the stage where it’s got like this but it’s good to see what they look like so you can recognise them yourself.

Bedbug treatments unfortunately are probably the most expensive pest control treatment there is. After Termites. That’s because they’re so difficult. Many companies charge per visit. Now we charge one all out cost upfront for three months. you’re covered. You have any problems we’ll come back and fix it no charge to you. Although the cost is a bit more at first, it works much cheaper in the long run.

Particularly if you do everything you need to do by putting fabric in the sun, heating it up past 60 degrees. The convention is fourty five degrees but i say sixty degrees , why not? And they say only a few hours but yeah, a day or two is not going to hurt. You’ve already done the hard work. Combined with my treatment and your methods. Keep them away.

We’ve had great successes. A lot of companies won’t touch bed bugs, we absolutely love them. Give us a call 043 0099 430 and we’ll come and help you…. Thanks for listening, any advice give us a ring or email. We’ll come and help you out. Thank ya very much (Elvis style) “

End of Bed bug Perth Video Transcript

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