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Perth Termite Inspection, Pre-purchase Inspection and Timber Pest Inspection Experts. 


Emergency Pre-Purchase Termite Inspections

Antipesto Pre-purchase Termite Pest Inspections provides quality reports for real estate, commercial and residential properties. Quickly.


Termite Inspection Experts

All Perth properties need a rigorous building inspection and a timber pest inspection. We email our Australian standard 15 page prepurchase termite inspection report to your settlement agent from site. 

Residential Termite Inspection Packages

Combining a pest treatment with a termite inspection means big savings. If you have ants, spiders or rats why not save yourself some time and money.

Perth Timber Pest Inspections

We have online termite inspection report systems as well as Termatrac termite detection and Tramax moisture meter detection. Staying at the cutting edge is standard for Antipesto Termite Inspections Perth.

Let Perth’s prepurchase termite inspection experts arrange, complete and deliver a thorough termite and timber pest inspection. We are trusted by Perth’s leading Real Estate companies to deliver reports and enable the settlement of properties quickly. 

All Perth properties are considered to be at high risk of termite attack. Australian standards require yearly termite inspections and termite barriers when needed.

Timber pest inspections do not just cover the detection of termites. A modern, thorough technician is also checking for signs of defibration, chemical delignification, fungal growth, moisture problems, wood borers, pests & major safety hazards including asbestos & exposed wires in the roof.


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Coptotermes Acinaciformis, Coptotermes Raffrayi, Coptotermes Michealseni and Nasutitermes species are known to infest homes in Perth and Joondalup.

Termite Pest Control

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Antipesto Termite Control Perth specialises in the art of detecting and preventing termites. Termites that attack houses in Western Australia are subterranean, meaning they travel and usually live under the ground level. This makes them difficult to detect. Of course we have all the experience and termite detection tools to help you with your property and investment.


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