Pre Purchase Pest Inspections Perth


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Antipesto Pest Control Perth specialises in Termite Inspections for the sale of properties before settlement. All timber pest inspection reports are emailed from site: 

  • Full 15 page Australian Standard Report

  • Fully experienced Technicians with over ten years experience

  • Emailed directly to Settlement Agent, Conveyancer or Real Estate

  • Emergency Pre-Purchase Inspections available

  • Fully Insured, Licensed & Accredited

Let Perth’s termite inspection experts arrange, complete and deliver a thorough termite and timber pest inspection. Our onsite reporting system means immediate delivery. Simply complete the contact form below and Antipesto Pre Purchase Inspections Perth will do the rest.

But settlement is today/tomorrow!

No problem, call us now! Let’s get it done and sent off ASAP.

Antipesto Pest Inspections Perth provides quality reports for real estate, commercial and residential properties. Same day reporting allows you to be informed as soon as possible about the condition of your property. Australian standards only require the detection of termites, but you will get a free timber pests inspection included.

Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection $175

Antipesto Pest Inspections Perth specialises in pre purchase timber pest inspections for the settlement and sale of properties.  No property should go without both a rigorous building inspection and a timber pest inspection. We provide the ONLY recognised Australian standard 15 page report emailed to you and more importantly your settlement agent from site. Ten years experience detecting, preventing and eliminating termites in Western Australia, Ashley is the man trusted for all Antipesto’s pre purchase pest inspections, timber pest inspections. Timber pest inspections do not just cover the detection of termites. A modern, thorough technician is also checking for signs of defibration, chemical delignification, fungal growth, moisture problems, wood borers, pests & major safety hazards including asbestos & exposed wires in the roof.


Australian Standards for Termite & Timber Pest Inspections:

  • AS3660.1-2014 Termite Management – New building work
  • AS3660.2-2017 Termite Management – In and around existing buildings and structures – Guidelines
  • AS3660.3-2014 Termite Management – Assessment criteria for termite management systems
  • AS4349.0-2007 Inspection of Buildings – General requirements
  • AS4349.3-2010 Inspection of Buildings – Timber Pest inspections