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Perth residential pest control experts to eliminate any ants, spiders, termites, rats or bugs in your home.


Termite products safe for Kids & Pets

 Antipesto Termite Control Perth only use solvent-free water based products, to make sure there are no smells, gases or noxious odours from any of our termite treatments.

Termite Inspections $220

Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections, Termatrac Termite Inspections, Emergency termite extermination.


Termite Pest Control Packages Available

Our most popular termite pest inspection and treatment is the $430 Pest Special to eliminate Spiders, Cockroaches, Ants, Rats & Mice inside & outside you home (3 month warranty).

Perth termite pest control done right.

Getting rid of termites is our job. Making it a easier for you is our aim. We use the best products and methods to deliver Perth’s best termite pest control service. Antipesto Termite Control Perth has extensive experience in detecting live termites, termite damage, termite nests & termite activity.

We rise above others with our superior service. We will give you a free quote for a Termite Barrier or Termite Baiting System.

Most homes in Western Australia need to have a Termite Barrier applied every five years to protect from sub-terranean termites including Coptotermes Species.


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Safety, Convenience & Price are important factors when it comes to termite pest control in Perth, you can rely on us to take care of you.

Termite Pest Control

Taking Care of Termites for years


Antipesto Termite Control Perth specialises in the art of detecting and preventing termites. Termites that attack houses in Western Australia are subterranean, meaning they travel and usually live under the ground level. This makes them difficult to detect. Of course we have all the experience and termite detection tools to help you with your property and investment.


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Perth Termite Questions

Here are some of the common questions our Perth pest control customers ask us. Still have questions?

Are termites a problem in Perth?

Every home in Perth is classified as being at high risk for termite attacks. This is due to our sandy soil, perfect climate and building methods. It’s in the australian standards to have a yearly termite inspection and some form of termite protection including a termite barrier or termite baiting/monitoring system. There is no insurance for termite attacks and termite damage in Perth, which can be very costly.

How do I get rid of Termites permanently?

Proper termite protection begins before the construction of the property. Architectural and building methods combined with termite proof materials and termite protection can ensure the property is protected from termites for it’s entire existence. This is rarely ever completed due to cost. For an established property its best to complete annual termite inspections and termite barriers when required (usually every fifth year).

When should I be worried about termites?

Termites are attracted to moisture so if you see any mudding build up or sandy mounds growing inside your house its time for a termite inspection. If you have seen any warping in flooring, walls, cornices or cupboards its time for a termite expert. If you have large amounts of flying insects that drop their wings it could be termite queens starting a new colony. Trust your instincts and dont disturb the termites even if they are causing damage.

What are the first signs of termites?

Termites build trails that we like to call “mud veins” as this describes their appearance to termite novices. Termites like to build trails that resemble paper wasp mud but much longer and larger. Termite damage can be very obvious sometimes with damaged timber falling and flaking apart. Any sandy crusty mud falling from damaged timber is a sure sign of termites. Termites are fatter and softer than ants, with a white creamy soft body of only two segments, unlike ants which have three.

Should I panic if I have termites?

You can totally panic if you have termites, but it will not help you much. Antipesto Termite Pest Control has all the tools, skills and experience to eliminate your termites quickly and effectively. There is no need to worry as we use products that target termite colonies at their nest, and stop them being able to feed on timber. Products such as Termidor, Biflex Aquamax, Termite baiting systems & Termite Foams combined with tools including Tramex Moisture meters, Boroscopes and Termatrac ensure we nail those pesky termites. We get rid of them fast and then protect your property so they don’t come back.

Client Pestimonials

“Having used other pest control companies previously, I was pleasantly surprised with how much better Antipesto was at getting rid of my ants. I will surely be using them in the future.”



“I have used these guys for years now and I recommend them to anyone. The treatment every summer does the trick and I don’t see bugs, especially inside. ”



“So glad we found the team at Antipesto! They got rid of all those nasty bugs and cockroaches inside our new home without using stinky chemicals or sprays. ”