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Millipedes in Perth

Native Millipedes improve soil conditions,breaking down detritus inluding leaves, mosses and organic matter. They are recognised by their brown colour, as opposed to the Portuguese Millipedes and their black sheen.

Antipesto Millipede Control Perth has noticed an increase in both the spread and population of Portuguese Millipedes. Once isolated to the Perth hills, these introduced insects have no natural predators in Western Australia and have reached plague proportions.Their rapid distribution in shipping containers, transported soils and mulch has seen them reach almost every one of Perth’s bush, beach and leafy suburbs.

A Millipede treatment is required in spring or more likely autumn as they surface, eat, breed then scatter up to 100 metres away.

As a pest control company in Perth, we at Antipesto, treat millipedes by focusing on harbourage areas to prevent them moving around.

Perth Portuguese Millipede (Ommatoiulus moreletii)

With smooth, shiny, often coiled black body, the Portuguese Millipede matures up to 5 cm in length in its second year. After moulting in summer, Portuguese Millipedes breed and lay their eggs in soil. They lose their mating legs during their spring moult, becoming asexual until the next breeding season. They secrete foul smelling and tasting organic “quinones” when threatened. This yellow liquid contains hydrogen sulfide to protect them from predators. It is mildly irritating, and stains clothes but is easily broken down by water.

Antipesto Millipede Control Perth has noticed moist, mulchy areas attract them and they avoid dry, short lawns and paved areas until night time. They are a nuisance with large thousands crunching underfoot during invasions where they often intrude into the home, dying in plague numbers to be swept up.


Best ways to stop Perth Millipedes:

  • Build a Millipede light trap. Portuguese Millipedes are attracted to light.
  • Get some chickens.
  • Reduce build up of mulch around the house.
  • Get some chickens.
  • Parasitic nematodes kill them and can be bought online, but are slow acting.
  • Get some chickens!