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Rodents come in many shapes and sizes, from the common house mice to larger brown rats. Rodents are common in households with pets, gardens, or properties near water sources. If not treated, rodent infestations can cause several problems. Rodents can easily infiltrate homes and business places, damaging the structures. They can contaminate food storage and leave their droppings. Many rodents also carry parasites and diseases, which are harmful to you and your pests. If possible, call for a rodent exterminator as soon as possible.


Signs of Rodent Infestation in Perth Home

Obvious signs of rodent infestation include rodent droppings near food storages, chewed food packaging, and chewed holes on your walls and floors. A thick pile of shredded paper, fabric or other materials can also indicate a location where rodents are nesting. Scurrying sounds, especially on your roof at nighttime, is another clear sign of rodent infestation. If you own pets, such as dogs and cats, you may see them become erratic and scratch walls at certain spots. In severe cases, you may even smell musky or rotting odour on hard-to-reach spaces in your home.


Types of Rodent in Perth

Common rodents in Perth come into two different types; rats and mice. While some may find it difficult to set the two apart, there are several key differences between the two species. Rodents in Perth come in three varieties, Brown Rats (Rattus norvegicus), Black Rats (Rattus rattus). and House Mouse (Mus musculus).


Perth Brown Rodents (Rattus norvegicus)

Also known as Norway Rat or Common Rodent, Perth brown rodents grow up to 500grams in weight and more than 20 cm in length. They have small eyes, blunt noses, and thick bodies. Brown rodents can reproduce fast, potentially breeding 15,000 in a year. Walls, sewers, drains, and underground areas are their preferred nesting areas. They are often found in agricultural areas, earning their name as Urban rodents. Their diet comprises meat and vegetables and can eat fruits, grains, pasta, pet food, and scraps. They are known to chew wires, which can become fire hazards. However, Brown rodents live cautiously, preferring to stay in familiar areas instead of exploring new places to nest.


Perth Black Rodents (Rattus rattus)

Black Rodents, on the other hand, are much smaller than brown rodents. A full-grown black rodent can reach up to 20cm in length and 350grams in weight. They have larger and more pointed noses and ears. Unlike Brown Rodents, they have a slender body with black fur. A typical female can produce 10 new rats every three weeks. They love nesting in sheds, between walls and floors, and roofs, which led to many calling them roof rodents. They are omnivores and eat meat, fruits, and vegetables. They can also chew through everything, from walls, wires, furniture to upholstery. Like Brown Rodents, they also are neophobic, which means they dislike new areas and follow only familiar paths.


Best Rodent Removal in Perth

Antipesto Rodent Pest Removal uses the best and safest practices in handling rodent extermination and treatments for rodents in your properties. We use only the best products made in America for treatments and done by the best technician.

Antipesto Rodent Removal treatments focus on controlling rat infestations through safe and secure methods. We use industry standard DITRAC blocks, which kills rats and mice after three to four feeds. They contain a bittering agent, Denatonium Benzoate, which deters pets and other animals from ingesting them. Unlike other companies, we don’t place them on flimsy, unsecured boxes. Instead, we use special, secure, and very hard plastic boxes. Since our experts know rodent behaviour, we can place these boxes in the best spots for the best results.

Our methods are tried and tested, our products are made in America, and our technicians are the best in managing your rodent problems. Get in touch today for the best rodent removal in Perth.

“Rodent Pest Control Perth” Video Transcript

“Hello, Ashley from Antipesto Pest Control. Just going to explain to you what’s involved in our Rodent Extermination Treatments in Perth.


Rodent Control & Extermination: Baiting in Roof Void

Now, the first thing we do, we’ll go up in the roof and take care of the rats in there. You’ve been hearing some noises up in there probably. We’ll use DITRAC in there, that’s the industry standard Ditrac blocks. Wax blocks. The rodents come to feed on them. It takes three of four feeds. It kills a few rats. (Rodents are fire hazard. Rodent faeces and rat urine fuse to wires in roof.) It’s made in America, it’s the best product because it’s not palatable for other species. Because it contains Denatonium Benzoate, which is a bittering agent. So it’s really a bitter taste it’s probably the most bitter substance known to man. Rodents don’t actually taste bitterness. Mice don’t taste bitterness so other animals can’t actually palate it. And also the dosage is just enough to kill the rats. Zero Point Zero Five grams per kilo. so it won’t affect other species should they ingest a rodent afterwards. (Rodents gnaw roof timbers also)


Control Rodent Infestation

Now after we do rat baiting in the roof, we’ll have to do the inside. Now a lot of rodent control companies like to use the cheaper cardboard rat bait boxes. There’s not really much security there so what they do is they put the blocks in there. There’s smaller ones for mice, I’m just using larger ones for the purpose of demonstration. Put the rodent bait behind a fridge, somewhere that the rodent can get to. Basically on the ground where people can access it. It says “Keep out of the reach of children and animals” which is nice if the children can read. And the animals can read.


Tamper Proof Rodent Traps/ Stations

What we use is called Tamper Proof Rodent Stations. These rodent traps are the mice ones. They’re black plastic boxes. Very hard plastic I should add. You’ve got the rodent ones as well, for the rats. They’re simply bigger, and what they do is, you see that the rodent bait there. They run into here, feed on the rodent bait and that’s all shut up so other animals can’t get into it. It’s not palatable for other animals, other animals wouldn’t like to eat it anyway. That’s the Rodent one. And this is the smaller rat/mouse one that you use on the inside. Now, we know the secrets with rodents and mice. Rodents… are notoriously shy. They like to stick to walls, so we’ll put that along the wall. But the other secret is; if they can’t see through it they will not run into it. So if it’s blocked off, they’re not going to run down there. So the other secret is putting these rat trap boxes in a corner. Whack it in the corner and they’ll still be able to get through. But I’ll put it in the right spot for you anyway. So once rodent trap is locked tight, pretty much it can’t come out. It’s fairly indestructible you’ d have to have quite a good go. The only way in is a special key which I possess, thankfully. So you put that on the ground.


Get Rid of Rodent Infestation with Antipesto Rat Control Services

Now I will just give you an example. It’s a lot sturdier you know so it’s not going to fall out. Whereas…..You know… Or even say….There you go rat poison straightaway on the ground. That’s not the way to do it. See these cost a bit more but they can keep you a lot safer so it’s what we like to use for rat control. We’ll put that all around. You’ll get a three month warranty. The best rodent control products. Made in America. Done by the best technician. Everybody wins. Thank you. ”


End of “Rodent Removal Perth” Video Transcript


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