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Coastal Brown Ants, Black House Ants, Odorous Ants, Bull Ants & Meat Ants are the main ant pest species in Joondalup and the northern suburbs of Perth. Joondalup Ants usually infest properties in the warmer Summer months, when they will search for water sources. Proper Ant extermination in Joondalup requires ant baiting and ant treatment to external and internal areas.

We treat black ants in Joondalup with repellent barriers, non repellent residual barriers & ant baiting throughout internal areas:

  • Full three month warranty to external and internal areas.
  • Gel and liquid baits are fantastic for targeting black ants nesting in wall cavities.
  • Genuine Termidor ant treatment carried out externally.
  • All external ant harbourage areas will be treated.
  • All products used are free from smells, odours and noxious gases.
  • Kid and pet friendly.

We know all those spots under pot plants, paving and bins. The lawn turning into a sandpit, the plants near the fence dying and uneven paving can easily be prevented.


Ants in Joondalup

Ants are not considered a problem by most of us until we see them sneaking around our kitchen. By then, they will established a strong foothold both in the insect environment and our own environment. Antipesto Ant Pest Control Joondalup will take care of all your ant problems with minimum disruption and maximum effectiveness.

Coastal Brown Ants, White Footed House Ants, Black Footed House Ants, Carpenter Ants, Bull Ants and  Soldier Ants are the most common invasive ant species found in Joondalup suburbs.


Joondalup Coastal Brown Ants (Pheidole megacephala)

Coastal Brown Ants can be recognised by the larger headed “soldier” ants guiding many smaller brown “worker” ants in trails leading to food and water. Originating in the African continent, Coastal Brown Ants relish Western Australia’s similar climate and lack of ant predators.

Coastal Brown Ants usually eat oil, meat, fats, dead insects, live insects, compost & pet food but can adapt to a sugar diet if required. Ants are  “liquid feeders” and need water to break food down to feed the colony. Often, they will be targeting your taps, sprinklers, drains, baths and sinks in search of water.

Coastal brown ants spread through accidental transport in containers, plants, stock, food and goods. Joondalup’s sandy soil lends itself to quick and persistent coastal brown ant invasions. These “tramp ants” are Western Australia’s most prolific insect pest and government agencies have and will continue to invest in their prevention and eradication.

Antipesto Ant Control Joondalup will get rid of all your coastal brown ants safely and effectively. We guarantee our work and you will not find a better Termidor treatment in WA. For a quick and easy solution to your ant problem, give us a call 043 0099 430 or email .