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Coastal Brown Ants, Black House Ants & Odorous Ants are the main ant pest species in Joondalup and Perth’s northern suburbs.


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Antipesto Ant Pest Services gets rid of ants safely & effectively. Our superior methods and products stand the test of time.


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Stopping ants inside includes cutting off their source of water & food. Liquid bait works quickly to eliminate ant colonies.

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Combining pest treatments coming into this Summer enables you to save money, time and worry. Eliminate Spiders, Rats or Roaches.

Joondalup Coastal Brown Ants (Pheidole megacephala)

Coastal Brown Ants can be recognised by the larger headed “soldier” ants guiding many smaller brown “worker” ants in trails leading to food and water.

Originating in the African continent, Coastal Brown Ants relish Western Australia’s similar climate and lack of ant predators.

Coastal Brown Ants eat oil, meat, fats, dead insects, compost & pet food but adapt to a sugar diet also. Ants are “liquid feeders” and need water to break food down to feed the colony.

Often, they will be targeting your taps, sprinklers, drains, baths and sinks in search of water.

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“Having used other pest control companies previously, I was pleasantly surprised with how much better Antipesto was at getting rid of my ants. I will surely be using them in the future.”



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