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Mice infestation is a common problem in many Australian households and businesses. They are agile, nimble, and witty, and they can make your home or business place their own quickly. Once they have a place to thrive, the population of mice in your house will rapidly increase. Mice infestations can have a huge effect on homes and businesses. They’ll eat away at any food you leave out and chew up papers or wool for nesting material. They can contaminate food and bring diseases and parasites. A few mice may not seem like much but if left untreated it can turn into an infestation that requires pest control services to get rid of them once and for all.


How to Detect Mice Infestations

Mice can be hard to spot at first, but some tell tale signs indicate the presence of mice. Small droppings, around 5-8mm in length, in different places (in corners, on shelves or behind appliances) and gnaw marks on food packaging or containers should serve as warning signals to get a professional mouse exterminator before it’s too late.

Mice are nocturnal animals. They are most active during the night. A scurrying and scratching sound coming from your ceilings, wall cavities, and floorboards. Grease marks along walls and floors, especially on tight corners, is also an obvious sign of mice infestation. You may also notice holes and gnaw marks following the grease trails. Shredded paper, fabric, and other soft materials are also a clear indication of mice’s nesting spots.

 The strong and rotting smell coming from hidden spots in your home are also signs of a mouse infestation. Their urine also has a strong smell, similar to ammonia, which can last even after mouse pest removal.

Lastly, mice are very shy and cautious. Spotting a mouse running around, especially during the daytime, is a sign of a potentially large infestation. It could mean that other secure and hidden places are already occupied with other mice. If you see a mouse during the day, it’s best to call a mouse exterminator as soon as possible.


Types of Pest Mice in Perth (Common Mouse Species)

While belonging to the rodent family, mice are not to be confused with rats. Mice are smaller, have rounder bodies, and floppy ears. In some instances, young rats are mistaken for mice. However, adult rats grow more than twice in length and several times in weight. In Perth, there are two common varieties of mice, the common House Mouse and the Field Mouse.


Perth House Mouse (Mus musculus)

House mice are the most common type of mouse in Australian homes and businesses. They are easily recognised by their bulging eyes, round bodies, and rounded ears. Their fur colour can range from light grey to dark brown. Perth House Mice averages at 4 to 8cm in length but can grow as long as 10cm. Female house mice generally have 7-8 litters per year, ranging from 5 to 16 young per litter. Perth House Mice prefer eating cereals and grains, but they also eat fruit, nuts, and animal feeds. House mice prefer to live in urban areas, infesting buildings and houses, especially during the winter. They can live and nest in between your walls, ceilings, basements, and under floorboards. House mice are nocturnal and shy, and will often follow predetermined paths instead of exploring new routes. However, they are known to be curious animals.


Perth Field Mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus)

While not as widespread as Perth House Mouse, Field Mouse can often be found in rural and agricultural areas in Perth. Perth Field Mice are identical to House mice in size. However, they can be set apart by their fur colour, which has reddish-orange to grey-brown back coat and yellowish to white on the belly and flanks. As they are leaving near fields, Field Mice’s diet consists of crops, seeds, fruits, small snails, and insects. However, when near human living spaces, they will eat whatever is available. Because of living in harsher conditions, especially during winter and in colder areas, Field Mice don’t reproduce as fast as House Mice. However, they can still produce as much as 11 offspring around 4-6 times a year.

Mice infestations can damage houses, buildings, farms, and crops. They contaminate food sources and bring diseases and parasites. House mice are also fire hazards, as they can chew cables and wires. After spotting any signs of infestation, you will want to contact professional mouse removal in Perth as soon as possible.


The Best and the Safest Mice Control in Perth

If you are worried about mice infestation on your property or have seen obvious signs of infestation, don’t hesitate to call Antipesto Mice Control Perth. We use the safest and most effective methods in controlling and eliminating mouse infestations. We use quality products made in America.

For mouse removal in Perth, we use the industry-standard treatment of baiting mice and rodents. We place DITRAC blocks in places mice often visit. DITRAC blocks are bitter wax blocks that rodents feed on. They are safe to use on any households or buildings with pets and other animals, as these blocks contain a strong bittering agent (Denatonium Benzoate) that deters others from eating it. They also contain only 0.05g per kilo dosage, which is only enough to kill rats and mice.

Once our expert mouse exterminators determine the mice’s routes and burrowing places, we place the DITRAC blocks in safe, secure, sturdy lockable plastic boxes. Unlike other pest control companies, we don’t use cheap and flimsy cardboard boxes. Once placed in the right spots, it’s only a matter of time before mice ingest them.


“Mice Pest Control Perth” Video Transcript

“Hello, Ashley from Antipesto Pest Control. Just going to explain to you what’s involved in our Mouse Extermination Treatments in Perth.


Mouse Control & Extermination: Baiting in Roof Void

Now, the first thing we do, we’ll go up in the roof and take care of the mice in there. You’ve been hearing some noises up in there probably. We’ll use DITRAC in there, that’s the industry standard Ditrac blocks. Wax blocks. The rodents come to feed on them. It takes three of four feeds. It kills a few rats. (Mice are fire hazard. Mouse faeces and rat urine fuse to wires in roof.) It’s made in America, it’s the best product because it’s not palatable for other species. Because it contains Denatonium Benzoate, which is a bittering agent. So it’s really a bitter taste it’s probably the most bitter substance known to man. Mouse don’t actually taste bitterness. Mice don’t taste bitterness so other animals can’t actually palate it. And also the dosage is just enough to kill mice. Zero Point Zero Five grams per kilo. so it won’t affect other species should they ingest a mouse afterwards. (Mice gnaw roof timbers also)


Mouse Removal Perth

Now after we do mouse baiting in the roof, we’ll have to do the inside. Now a lot of mice control companies like to use the cheaper cardboard rat bait boxes. There’s not really much security there so what they do is they put the blocks in there. There’s smaller ones for mice, I’m just using larger ones for the purpose of demonstration. Put the mouse bait behind a fridge, somewhere that mice can get to. Basically on the ground where people can access it. It says “Keep out of the reach of children and animals” which is nice if the children can read. And the animals can read.


Tamper Proof Mouse Traps/ Mice Stations

What we use is called Tamper Proof Mouse Stations. These mice traps are the small ones. They’re black plastic boxes. Very hard plastic I should add. You’ve got the mouse ones as well, for the rats. They’re simply bigger, and what they do is, you see that the mouse bait there. They run into here, feed on the mouse bait and that’s all shut up so other animals can’t get into it. It’s not palatable for other animals, other animals wouldn’t like to eat it anyway. That’s the Mouse one. And this is the smaller rat/mouse one that you use on the inside. Now, we know the secrets with mouse and mice. Mouse… are notoriously shy. They like to stick to walls, so we’ll put that along the wall. But the other secret is; if they can’t see through it they will not run into it. So if it’s blocked off, they’re not going to run down there. So the other secret is putting these mice trap boxes in a corner. Whack it in the corner and they’ll still be able to get through. But I’ll put it in the right spot for you anyway. So once mouse trap is locked tight, pretty much it can’t come out. It’s fairly indestructible you’ d have to have quite a good go. The only way in is a special key which I possess, thankfully. So you put that on the ground.


Mouse Pest Removal with Antipesto Mice Control Services Perth

Now I will just give you an example. It’s a lot sturdier you know so it’s not going to fall out. Whereas…..You know… Or even say….There you go mouse poison straightaway on the ground. That’s not the way to do it. See these cost a bit more but they can keep you a lot safer so it’s what we like to use for rat control. We’ll put that all around. You’ll get a three month warranty. The best mouse control products. Made in America. Done by the best technician. Everybody wins. Thank you. ”


End of “Mice Pest Removal Perth” Video Transcript


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