Antipesto Pest Control Heathridge


Antipesto Pest Control Heathridge has seen a steady rise in the number of people needing help with pests over the last few years. The last two mild winters have led to continual breeding of insect pest in particular. The parks and abundant vegetation lead to rats in rooves during wintertime. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and book today.

Heathridge Pests

  • Black Ants are a constant nuisance in Summer.
  • Homes near Heathridge Park and the railway line experience rat and mouse problems.
  • Spiders, Heathridge and Summer say no more!
  • Millipedes along Caridean Street in Autumn and Spring.
  • Big Cockroaches outdoors in mulched gardens.
  • Older Heathridge homes need Termite Treatments and Inspections.