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Millipede pest control joondalup


Millipedes native to Australia are actually beneficial to our soil as they break down organic matter, mosses and leaves. They are brown in colour when compared to the black shiny carapace of the portuguese millipede.

Antipesto Millipede Control Joondalup has noticed an rise in both the population and range of Portuguese Millipedes. Once only found in the Perth hills, these introduced insects do not have any natural predators in Western Australia and are breeding in  plague proportions. They have quickly spread throughout Joondalup’s suburbs in shipping containers, transported soils and mulch.

A Millipede treatment is best completed in spring or autumn when they surface, eat, breed and then scatter up to 100 metres away.

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We treat Millipedes in Joondalup by focusing on infestation areas to prevent them moving around:

  • Your property is inspected to find the Portuguese Millipedes’ breeding grounds.
  • The residual barrier around walls is the most important part of keeping them out of your property.
  • Further treatment including targeting nesting areas with a residual treatment spray.
  • All areas including mulch, grass and soil areas outside are taken care to prevent their return.
  • Full three month warranty applies, most properties require annual treatments to keep millipedes away.
  • Top quality Brand name Products used only.


Millipede pest control joondalup

Joondalup Portuguese Millipede (Ommatoiulus moreletii)

Portuguese millipedes grow to their full length of 5 cm by their second year. Their unmistakable shiny black body and numerous legs makes them stand out in the aussie bush. During Summer, they lay their eggs after breeding. They moult again in Spring, lose their “mating legs” and become asexual until the next Summer. When threatened they release a yellow, foul smelling liquid full of “quinones” that contain hydrogen sulfide which stops predators. Although it stains clothes it is easily water soluble, although a mild irritant to eyes and sensitive areas.

Antipesto Millipede Control Joondalup has seen moist mulch areas attract them and at night they are able to crawl over paving and shorter lawns. As such they are more of a nuisance pest, but when infesting in their tens of thousands that is small comfort. They are attracted to light at night so outdoor lights can be a problem.


Best ways to stop Joondalup Millipedes:

  • Build a Millipede light trap (a light with a moat around it)

  • Get some chickens.

  • Get rid of mulch against the house.

  • Get some chickens.

  • Parasitic nematodes kill them and can be bought online, but are slow acting, costly and a short term solution.

  • Get some chickens!

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