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Spider Control in Western Australia

When it comes to Perth Spider Control, the main spiders of concern are Redbacks and White Tails. You already know how to identify Redbacks by their tell-tale red stripe and Whitetails by their oval rear end and white spot. White-Tailed Spiders and Redback Spiders can both cause problems with their bites being painful and dangerous.

Spiders are an essential part of the environment, the world’s greatest form of pest control, and consideration should be taken as to what areas you may want to leave aside for spiders to live. For example. we would recommend spiders be left alive around vegetable gardens.

Spider Control Antipesto specializes in exterminating spiders through a combination of flushing them out and killing them.

Perth Redback Spider ( Latrodectus Hasselti )
Easily identified by their large, round black abdomen and bright red/orange stripe  are Redback females. Younger spiders will be brown with white markings, as are males which are rarely seen, are smaller in size at 0.5 cm with females doubling that at 1cm.


Males are killed after mating and  female redbacks guard their brood of 3 to 5 egg sacks, each containg up to 250 spiderlings which float way on the wind to other places after two weeks. After one more week,  female Redback Spiders are ready to mate again and can live for 3 years with males living only 6 months!

The same species as the Black Widow Spider, Perth Redbacks are quite shy and will not leave their web unless disturbed. Common to all places, they prefer nooks and crannys.  They love taps, gutters, downpipes, sheds, tools, boxes and fences.

They feed mainly on insects but have been known to feed on lizards and mice. Female Redback Spiders will even steal prey from other spiders’ webs! White tailed Spiders and Daddy Long Legs feed on  Redback Spiders.

Bitten by a Redback Spider?

  • Apply Ice water to bite, do not dress the wound, take painkillers.
  • The bite may feel like a pin prick but pain will increase after 5 minutes and the digestive system, lymph nodes and muscles could be affected.
  • Seek medical attention.
  • Pain can be extreme but the antivenom is very effective if needed.
  • You may need to go to hospital as GP’s do not usually stock it.

Western Australian Red Back Spiders can be deadly.

Children, older people or the frail will be the most affected and particular caution is required. Seek medical attention.

 Ways to stop Redback Spiders in Perth:

  • Encourage Daddy Long Legs.
  • Have  Antipesto Pest Control Perth 043 0099 430 complete a General Pest Treatment. Redbacks eat insects, so get rid of them and their food source in one go!

Perth Black House Spider ( Badumna Insignis )
With thick black legs and fat body, these  menacing looking spiders have a smaller cousin, the Grey House Spider. Females are larger in size up to 2 cm, while males are smaller measuring up to 1 cm.In the eastern states they are often mistaken for Funnelweb Spiders with their similar stance and imposing fangs.

 Female Black House Spiders rarely leave their web, creating and repairing a funnel where they hunt and protect egg sacks where spiderlings will hatch. They may live for up to 2 years.

Black House Spiders are nocturnal by nature  and feed on insects including bees, flies, beetles and ants. Natural predators include parasitic wasps and White Tailed Spiders. Inside they are found in crevasses, light fittings, corners, walls, curtains and window frames. Outside they love trees, logs, rocks, drainpipes, gutters, garages, pergolas and fences.

Bitten by a Black House Spider?

  • Apply an ice pack to the bite, no bandage as pressure will increase the pain.
  • Their bite is not fatal, but can cause extreme pain, nausea and vomiting.
  • Seek medical advice and possibly treatment.
  • Extreme cases have resulted in skin lesions.

The way to stop Perth Black House Spiders:

  • Regular treatment from Antipesto Pest Control for $198
Perth White Tailed Spider ( Lampona Cylindrata ) White tails, usually about the size of a ten cent coin, have a soft black body and a cylindrical, oval shaped rear with a distinctive white spot on the tip. Their front legs point forward while the rear legs face backward. Females are larger than the males and average 2 cms while the male white tailed spider is between 1 to 2 cms. Younger white tails will have striped white legs and a brighter spots. The leg stripes turn dark red, four more white spots become visible above the rear spot, which fades as they mature. Special leg hairs allow them to climb smooth surfaces even glass! They do not build webs and the females egg sack can contains 90 eggs. They are “ground” spiders and love to hide under bark, logs and mulch. In Perth homes, you will find the White Tailed Spider on the ground, on curtains, under boxes, furniture, washing baskets, bedding and clothing. They are “Vagrant Hunters” and will hide during daylight before coming out to feed on other spiders including Red Backs, Black House Spiders and Daddy Long Legs. Bitten by a White Tailed Spider? Use an Ice pack on the bite, do not bandage as the pressure will cause more pain. Antibiotics are not recommended, consult your doctor straight away. The CSIRO states “ there is no proof that it’s bite causes long-term tissue damage ”. However, bites can be painful and will cause redness and swelling. Ulcers and blisters have been known to appear in severe cases. 5 ways to stop White Tails:
  • Keep mulch and vegetation away from the walls of your property.
  • Keep clothing off the floor, especially in the bedroom and laundry.
  • Keep bedding off the floor. Beds on leg stands are best also.
  • Clear spider webs away. White Tailed Spiders love stalking Black House Spiders!
  • Get rid of other Spiders using Antipesto 0430099430. White Tails food source is other spiders, no food = no White Tailed Spider!

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