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When it comes to Rat Pest Control in Perth, the main species of concern are the House Mouse, Brown Rat and Roof Rat. You already can recognise a mouse, and the distinct noises in the roof show you where rats love to breed. If you have pets, fruit trees, vegetables or live near water sources you will quite often find rat or mouse infestations affecting your property. It’s not uncommon to see them scuttling along fences, hear them gnawing or smell them-particularly at night. Mice in Perth can cause problems with food storage, vegetable gardens and sheds and rats can be a fire hazard, as they chew wires sometimes.


Perth Rodent Control Experts

One study found 25% of unexplained fires could be caused by rats. Rodents are estimated to be responsible for 30% of the world’s food destruction. Rats are known carriers of disease, bacteria,viruses, lice and ticks. They pose a risk to native wildlife and we recommend annual rodent treatments. Brown smear marks on walls, stains on roof plaster and loud noises at night are evidence of Rat infestation. Mice infestations are recognised by the sighting of mice, bite marks and their small black poos.

Perth Black Rat (Rattus rattus)

 Grey to brown in colour, black rats (Roof Rats) are recognisable by their large eyes and ears. The easiest way to recognise rats is by their obvious yellow incisor “buck” teeth.  With dark brown colourings and dark eyes, Black Rats have long tails and are smaller bodied compared to Brown Rats. Black Rats in Perth are between 15 to 20 cms long, with a tail longer than their body, and reach up to 350 gms in weight. Females are capable of breeding 10 offspring every 3 weeks! Black rats live where humans live and were believed to have been brought into Australia by the First Fleet. Known as Roof Rats, they love urban areas, living in sheds, roofs, cavity walls and under decking. They are able to eat a wide variety of foods  including fruit, vegetables, meat, grains, pasta, pet food and any household food scraps. They are nocturnal and very noisy in roofs at night as they socialise, scratch and gnaw on hard surfaces. They are known to chew wires and stain roofs with their urine. Physically blocking them from properties is difficult, if Black Rats can fit their skull through a hole they will be able to squeeze through. Like most rats, Black Rats are neophobic, meaning they do not like new areas and will follow known paths and scent trails.

Perth Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus)

Larger than Black Rats, Perth Brown Rats (Norway Rats) have smaller eyes and ears. Brown rats have bristly hair,stumpier noses and shorter tails in relation to their larger, thicker body. Brown Rats in Perth are between 18 to 25 cms long, with a tail shorter than their body, and reach up to 500 grams in weight. One breeding pair could result in 15,000 bred in a year! Brown rats are found near humans and will make burrows which are expanded as the population gets bigger. Most likely to be found in walls, sheds,warehouses, bushes, sewers and drains. They are great swimmers and are the largest and most aggressive of Australia’s rodent pests. They have poor eyesight but fantastic sense of smell and taste. Omnivorous, they prefer meat, dairy and grains over fresh fruit and vegetables. Known as an “urban” rat, they have not yet had major impacts on agriculture, but are responsible for the spread of disease and destruction of food in city areas. Like Brown Rats, blocking them out is difficult and they are a fire and safety hazard. Their stronger than aluminium teeth grow 13 cms a year, meaning they chew hard surfaces to grind them down. Brown Rats are neophobic, sticking to well known areas and paths, precisely retracing their steps between their living, feeding and play areas.

Perth Mouse (Mus musculus)

Mice are easily recognised by their bulging eyes,tiny, round bodies and large rounded ears. They have a light grey through to dark brown coat. Very fast and nimble, they will often appear as a fast moving blur around your the walls of your property. Mice in Perth are between 4 to 8 cms long, with a similar length tail, and can reach 25 grams in weight. Female mice can breed 11 times a year, with the litter reaching 6 pups sometimes. Extremely adaptable, quick witted and clever, the house mouse has long been a pest to humankind. Living in any secluded area including cavity walls, ovens, fridges, storerooms, cracks, crevasses, sheds, boxes and roofs. I mention roofs as this is not commonly seen, but is becoming more frequent in Perth. Mice are shy by nature, following pre-determined paths marked with their scent and having many escape routes and burrows. They have huge effects on domestic, commercial and agricultural properties causing physical damage to property, spoiling food and contaminating grains and crops. Mouse infestations increase due to habitat destruction from construction and fires. Cold weather often brings them in.

   How to keep Perth Rats & Mice away 

  • Keep all food sources in airtight containers.
  • Put pet food away, especially at night.
  • Put funnel shaped collars around Fruit tree stumps to stop rats climbing.
  • Pick up all dropped fruit and vegetables
  • Keep all trees trimmed back from gutters
  • Keep all food sources locked in air tight containers. This is mentioned twice for a reason.
  • Baiting using quality bait is crucial.
  • Keeping food sources secured is essential. If they only have access to the bait as a food source, extermination of rodents is fast & effective.
  • Physically excluding rats & mice is possible, but expensive, time consuming and only recommended in commercial food premises.
  • External tamper proof rodent bait stations are a fantastic option, and last for years.
“Mouse and Rat Pest Control Perth” Video Transcript


“Hello, Ashley from Antipesto Pest Control. Just going to explain to you what’s involved in our Rodent Treatments for Rats and Mice. Now, the first thing we do, we’ll go up in the roof and take care of the rats in there. You’ve been hearing some noises up in there probably. We’ll use DITRAC in there, that’s the industry standard Ditrac blocks. Wax blocks. The rodents come to feed on them. It takes three of four feeds. It kills a few rats. It’s made in America, it’s the best product because it’s not palatable for other species. Because it contains Denatonium Benzoate, which is a bittering agent. So it’s really a bitter taste it’s probably the most bitter substance known to man. Rats don’t actually taste bitterness. Mice don’t taste bitterness so other animals can’t actually palate it. And also the dosage is just enough to kill the rats. Zero Point Zero Five grams per kilo. so it won’t affect other species should they ingest a rat or a mouse afterwards.

Now after we do the roof, we’ll have to do the inside. Now a lot of companies like to use the cheaper cardboard bait boxes. There’s not really much security there so what they do is they put the blocks in there. There’s smaller ones for mice, I’m just using larger ones for the purpose of demonstration. Put that behind a fridge, somewhere that the mice can get to. Basically on the ground where people can access it. It says “Keep out of the reach of children and animals” which is nice if the children can read. And the animals can read.

Now, we don’t do that what we use is called Tamper Proof Rodent Stations. These are the mice ones. They’re black plastic boxes. Very hard plastic I should add. You’ve got the rodent ones as well, for the rats. They’re simply bigger, and what they do is, you see that the bait there. They run into here, feed on the bait and that’s all shut up so other animals can’t get into it. It’s not palatable for other animals, other animals wouldn’t like to eat it anyway. That’s the Rodent one. And this is the smaller mouse one that you use on the inside. Now, we know the secrets with rats and mice. Mice… are notoriously shy. They like to stick to walls, so we’ll put that along the wall. But the other secret is; if they can’t see through it they will not run into it. So if it’s blocked off, they’re not going to run down there. So the other secret is putting these boxes in a corner. Whack it in the corner and they’ll still be able to get through. But I’ll put it in the right spot for you anyway. So once it’s in it’s locked tight, pretty much it can’t come out. It’s fairly indestructible you’ d have to have quite a good go. The only way in is a special key which I possess, thankfully. So you put that on the ground.

Now I will just give you an example. It’s a lot sturdier you know so it’s not going to fall out. Whereas…..You know… Or even say….There you go Poison straightaway on the ground. That’s not the way to do it. See these cost a bit more but they can keep you a lot safer so it’s what we like to use. We’ll put that all around. You’ll get a three month warranty . The best products. Made in America. Done by the best technician. Everybody wins. Thank you. ”


End of “Mouse and Rat Pest Control Perth” Video Transcript