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Antipesto is 100% family-owned and 100% dedicated to safe, effective pest control for your home or business. Free from noxious fumes and family-friendly: that’s why Antipesto are the Perth pest control pros.

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What We Do

Residential Pest Control

Rid your home of pests for good with effective and family-friendly treatments on your schedule. Get more info here!

Commercial Pest Control

Pest control for Perth offices, warehouses and industrial facilities with no noxious fumes. Enquire about our Commercial pest control services here!

Real Estate Pest Control

Pest inspections and safe treatments for pre-purchase, end of lease and commercial real estate. Learn more about our Real Estate packages today

Termite Inspection

Win the war on white ants with full and spot timber treatments, professional inspections and more. Also read what our past customers have had to say about our services!

Total Pest Control






Bed Bugs



Why You Need Antipesto

Antipesto has been freeing Perth homes and businesses of pests for almost 15 years. We proudly serve the Perth and Joondalup communities with comprehensive, affordable pest control covering all types of creepy crawlies, invasive species and rodents.

As the Perth pest control experts, we are trusted by homeowners and businesses all over the metro area. Our qualified and experienced pest control technicians get to the source of your pest problem and create a protective barrier against pests.

When you partner with Antipesto, you can rest easy knowing your pest problem is in the past. Our pest control treatments are tailored to suit your premises and budget. From comprehensive residential pest control packages, to repeat services for real estate companies, targeted pest eradication on commercial premises and any other service you require, Antipesto are here to help.

On top of Perth’s best pest control, you can expect exceptional service and decades of industry experience for thorough and successful pest treatment.

Impressive Results

Our comprehensive methods target pests at their source, for effective pest control and low re-infestation chances. Both our residential and commercial pest control services cover the entire premises inside and out, with a focus on eradicating pests and keeping occupants safe.

Whether you are facing a rodent problem, finding evidence of cockroaches in the cupboard, or being invaded by several pests at once, Antipesto pest controllers aim to locate and eliminate pests at their source so you can breathe easy.

All the Tools

We use water-based products to avoid any nasty odours or noxious fumes. All barriers and baits are safe to have in the home, and we make sure to give you all the information you need to keep pets and children free from harm.

Once our pest control experts have taken care of your invasion, we can advise on effective methods to guard against new infestations. We can also inspect your property for any early warning signs and catch a pest invasion before it causes structural damage or stress.

15,000 Completed Treatments

Over 15 years in the business and 15,000 completed pest control treatment we have learned what works. Our knowledge is your advantage: nothing is left to chance as we target total eradication of pests at their source.

Plus, our residential pest control treatments include a 3-month warranty to guarantee you won’t be troubled by pests once we leave. We focus on eliminating pests once and for all, not simply removing the problem on the surface.

How we work

Antipesto tailors all our Perth pest control treatments to you, the customer. Beginning with a thorough inspection and tracing the infestation back to its source, we then get to work eliminating pests and preventing you from a second invasion.

At every stage of treatment, we keep you informed, so you know exactly what is being done and what you can expect from the service. With a 3-month warranty on all our work, it matters to us that you have peace of mind and a pest-free premises.

Antipesto is a qualified, experienced full-service pest control company with decades of experience. That means we look after your family and business first, with methods that are harmful to pests and not people.

Residential and Commercial Pest Control in Perth

Antipesto is Perth’s leading pest control company for residential and commercial treatments. From one-time infestations to total termite barriers, we have the industry experience, tools, and know-how to eradicate pests safely and completely from your property.

Residential Pest Control Packages

Our expertise in residential pest control has helped thousands of Perth families to rest easy knowing their home is free from the threat of termites and other creepy crawlies. Because we are committed to safe pest control in the community, we have put together affordable packages to achieve a pest-free home protected by a barrier.

Starting from just $250 (with over $400 in savings on individual treatments) we will target pests at their source with water-based products, professional baits, and defensive barriers.


Commercial Pest Control Packages

Keeping your workplace clean, safe and free from pests is essential to operating a successful business. Antipesto provides complete pest eradication at the first sign of an invasion, using methods and materials that are safe for every workplace.

With 15,000 completed pest treatments under our belt, our team are highly trained to detect and eliminate pests at the source. From pre-construction pest inspections to demolition treatments, office pest control, warehouse pest protection and more, Antipesto is the leading commercial pest control company in Perth.


Termite Treatments

Antipesto is Perth’s termite experts, skilled in detecting and eradicating termites where they live. Perth termites are subterranean and often hard to spot until it’s too late. That’s why our professional termite treatments begin with a thorough inspection, using the latest detection technology and proven methods to find all at-risk areas.

Protect your investment and enjoy peace of mind with professional termite pest control from Antipesto.


Focus on Service

As a family-owned company, we are committed to providing the best customer service and tailored treatments. Plus, with a 3-month warranty on all our Perth pest control treatments, our customers have the confidence their pest problem will not be returning.

We understand the frustration of a pest invasion and design pest control packages to suit your individual needs. For safe, effective, and total pest control, call Perth’s pest control experts at Antipesto or schedule a service online.