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Antipesto Rodent Control Joondalup eliminates Rodents in Perth by minimising food sources and baiting:

  • The roof is checked for rodent entry points and living areas .
  • We treat  the roof void using the best and safest rodent products.
  • Inside, tamper proof rodent stations are hidden away out of sight.
  • If you have rat problems outside, extra tamper proof rat stations ($40 per station) can be installed.
  • Advice on ways to prevent re-infestation by cutting back trees or getting rid of entry points.
  • All bait stations are re-usable.
  • Full three month warranty applies, most properties only require annual treatments to keep rats & mice away.

Rodents in Joondalup

When it comes to Joondalup Rodent Control, the main species are the Roof Rat, Brown Rat and House Mouse. You know what a mouse looks like, and those loud noises in the roof tell you where rats love to live and reproduce. Rat and Mouse infestations most often occur when you have pets, fruit trees, vegetables or live near water.

It’s common to see them running along fences, hear them gnawing or smell them. Rats can be a fire hazard when they chew wires. A study found 25% of unexplained fires could be caused by rodents. Mice in Joondalup cause problems with food storage, veggie gardens and in sheds.

Rodents are thought to be cause of 30% of the world’s food destruction. Rats carry of disease, bacteria,viruses, lice and ticks. They harm native wildlife and we annual rodent treatments are required.

Stains on roof plaster, loud noises at night and brown smear marks on walls are evidence of Rat infestation.

Mice infestations are obvious by the bite marks, small black poos and the sighting of mice.


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