Joondalup Cockroach Pest Control $240


Joondalup Cockroach Pest Control

We treat Joondalup Cockroaches by flushing them out, eliminating them and then preventing their return.


  • Using  pyrethrin dust we flush them out to penetrate crevasses, cracks and all cockroach harbourage areas. This kills them and flushes them out into the open.
  • To further reduce numbers treating the interior is next, using repellent and non repellent sprays.
  • Baiting is the most important stage of treatment. We bait in strategic locations to target future cockroach generations using the best bait in the world. Baiting areas include hinges, cupboards, door frames and window sills.
  • All areas are treated including: underneath ovens, washing machines, dryers, microwaves, fridges, freezers, walls, skirtings, kickboards, cornices, doors, hinges, ceilings, vents, ducts, lights and rangehoods.


  • Treatment outside to all areas including walls, gutters, drains, sheds, eaves, fences, decking, bins, garden beds, mulched areas, bores, garages, letterboxes and paving.
  • All  products used are free from smells and fumes.
  • All Cockroach infested areas will be treated.


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Cockroaches in Joondalup, Western Australia

When it comes to Cockroach Infestations, the main cockroaches involved are the American Cockroach, Australian Cockroach & the German Cockroach. The Australian and American  Flying Roach are larger and come from outdoors while those tiny ones in your kitchen are the probably German Roaches.

Oriental and Brown Banded Cockroaches can be a nuisance, but  most treatments by Antipesto Cockroach Control Joondalup are focused on German Cockroaches.

Cockroach infestations can be hazardous, allergies to cockroaches and their excrement can be triggered and the spread of bacteria and diseases is always a danger. The cockroach also has a smelly protective wax covering which stinks and rubs off on the surfaces they touch, often Technicians will smell them long before seeing them!

Joondalup Cockroach Control Experts.

Commercial Cockroach Control a speciality.