Having pests in your home and commercial space can elicit emotions ranging from annoyance to anger. With over fourteen years of experience providing pest control solutions for Perth and Joondalup, we’ve seen it all. We know that it can be inconvenient, scary and expensive, which is why we aim to provide a friendly, safe and affordable service for everyone – so if you need pest inspection for your home, real estate property or commercial space, Antipesto Pest Control would be happy to help. 

In the meantime, we’ve written this guide on pest control to help provide you with the basics. 

How do I know if I have pests? 

A pest inspection can easily identify this, as pests leave signs around your home. Termites, for example, leave tunnels and powdery residue. Rats and possums like to live in your roof, so you might hear squeaking or scratching noises in your ceiling. Bed bugs can leave you with bites all over your body – and other pests, like snakes and bees, are easily spotted.

How to prepare for pest control?

Pest control preparation depends on the pests that you have. You may need to wash specific items, leave the building or simply make sure that your pets don’t enter the treatment areas.

Your pest control specialist will likely let you know what needs to be done during your pest inspection.  

Is it safe? 

Provided you follow the instructions that your pest control specialist gives you during the pest inspection, the treatment will be safe. Some of the chemicals used may be harmful if you come into direct contact with them, and in this case, you will likely be advised to leave the property.

However, pest control specialist may not use any chemicals at all. In the case of possums, for example, they will be trapped and removed without the use of chemicals.

What is the usual cost?

Pest control can range anywhere from $300 to $700, depending on what’s needed.

How often do I need it? What is the follow-up process?

This depends on the treatment. You may need a follow-up treatment, depending on the pest, or you may need to do other activities to ensure you won’t be reinfected. In the case of possums or rats, for example, you may need to fix your roof so they can’t enter.

How do I hire a pest control specialist?

Booking a pest control specialist is simple. Take a look at what they include as part of their service, how much they charge, and whether they cover your area.

We at Antipesto Pest Control are regulated and licensed pest control specialists. We take pride in delivering fantastic service to the Northern suburbs of Perth, with our clients ranging from residential to real estate to commercial.

With many great reviews and repeat customers, you can rest assured you will be in capable hands with us. For more information, or to book your pest treatment, contact us today. We are available online, or you can call us on 0430099430.