You might think as a Perth pest control company, we would not advocate DIY rodent control at home. But that’s not the case at all! Here at Antipesto, we are advocates of safe, pest-free communities.

On top of carrying disease and threatening the health of people and pets, a rodent infestation can lead to widespread damage in the home and throughout your neighbourhood.

  • Spreading disease and parasites
  • Destroy insulation in the walls and roof
  • Chew through electrical wiring
  • Damage furniture
  • Compromise food in your pantry
  • Erode wooden structures

If your rodent problem is out of control, call the professionals at Antipesto. But if you’re looking for easy ways to safeguard your home against unwelcome rodent guests, read on for our top tips.


DIY Rodent Control Treatment

Invasive rodents were accidentally introduced to Western Australia by European settlers. Today, the most common rodents you will find in Perth homes and businesses are:

House Mice

Black Rat (or Roof Rat)

Brown Rat (or Norway)

Occasionally you may find five-striped palm squirrels around Perth, although they are less likely to take up residence in your roof. If you spot possums, bandicoots or (less commonly) quokkas in your yard, contact Antipesto as these species are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975.


Treat the Source, Not the Symptoms

Small rodents can cause big problems. For the reasons above – plus your peace of mind – it is important to be proactive with rodent control in the home.


  • Look for where rodents could be entering your home
  • Listen for rodents living in the walls or roof
  • Follow the trail of crumbs or footprints

These can all lead you to the source of your rodent problem, which is the perfect place to start with DIY rodent control.

Rodent Control Methods

DIY rodent control can help you get on top of a pest problem before it gets serious. Although these at-home methods are not as effective as professional pest control, they will make a mouse think twice before entering your home.


One of the most common rodent control methods, physical mouse traps (placed away from anywhere kids and pets can find them) can catch an intruder in the act.

Rat baits

Rat poison is available in many forms like pellets and bait boxes. Be extremely careful with rat poisons as they pose a threat to human and pet health.


 Any good hardware store sells rat and mouse repellents, including electronic repellents that emit an ultrasonic frequency to deter potential pests. How effective they are is still, however, up for debate.

Regular cleaning

One of the most effective ways to keep rats and mice – or any pests – from infesting your pantry is to remove their food source. Keep food in airtight containers and be vigilant with crumbs in the kitchen.

 Home maintenance

How do you stop mice getting in? Take away their front door. Look for holes in the skirting board, ceiling, and foundations, and ensure doors close flush to the floor.


Professional Rodent Control

The main drawback of DIY rodent control methods is their effectiveness. Without knowing exactly what type of pest you are dealing with, how they are entering, and where they live, most DIY methods are only effective by chance.

Complete, safe, and effective rodent control is the domain of professional pest controllers. So when DIY doesn’t work, book with Antipesto for a thorough and tailored eradication of rats and mice in your home.