Living in Perth means you’re guaranteed to encounter spiders at some point, especially as the weather warms up. Whether they’re lurking in the living room, gathering in the garage or spinning webs in the shed, spiders are a pest you don’t want to mess with.

Some spiders, like the big hairy Huntsman, are rarely dangerous to humans but still unwelcome. Others like the Redback or Whitetails can cause serious sickness in adults, and worse in kids and pets.

Regardless of where you live, spider control is essential for keeping you and your family safe. Effective spider control starts with preventions – but if you’re already facing a spider problem, don’t wait to call Antipesto for safe and effective pest control.

How To Avoid Attracting Spiders

Spiders, like humans, seek out warm dry places to sleep and eat. Although spiders feed on mozzies and flies, the presence of a food source means you may have a larger problem at hand.

Don’t give spiders a place to nest, and actively remove their food source. This will prevent them from nesting in your house or garden. Remove clutter from the shed, store soft materials like seasonal clothing or toys in airtight plastic containers, clear away stacks of wood and seal up buckets outside. Anywhere dry, warm and close to a food source should be regularly checked for webs.

Keep Your House Clean

This tip doubles as spider control and general cleanliness. Regularly cleaning surfaces and floors throughout the house will prevent spiders from finding a place to nest and deter their food source. Use a mixture of vinegar and water for a naturally disinfecting clean. Alternatively, essential oils like cinnamon, tea tree or peppermint are great spider deterrents. You can try mixing 15-20 drops in a spray bottle.

Spray your chosen concoction around windows and doors, and in cracks and crevices to ward off eight-legged invaders. Just be careful using vinegar on varnished surfaces as it can be corrosive.

Don’t Leave Gaps For Them To Crawl Through

Spiders will take any opportunity to enter your warm, dry home. Keep windows and doors closed and have a good look for any cracks or gaps in floors, window frames, ceilings or air conditioning units. Especially in older homes it is common for spiders to enter through cracks in the exterior brickwork. Again, spider control and regular pest control go hand-in-hand: sealing your home prevents flies and pests from entering, which means spiders have nothing to eat.

Natural Spider Repellents & Pesticides

One of the best natural spider repellents is, believe it or not, a cat. That’s right – adopt a cat to chase away spiders in the house and garden. However if you can’t (or don’t want to) adopt a feline friend, there are a few other natural remedies to repel spiders:


  • Rubbing citrus peels on floorboards and window frames
  • Eucalyptus and tea-tree sprays
  • Place horse chestnuts in room corners and on window sills
  • Spread cedar wood chips on sills
  • Use cedar wood hangers in the wardrobe

Think You Might Have a Spider Problem?

Spider control is serious business. Although some spiders can be beneficial to have around the home to eat flies, it’s certainly better to have no pests at all.

Antipesto provide effective, safe, and thorough pest control for spiders and other creepy crawlies. Check out our Perth spider control packages starting at just $198 for an entire home treatment or contact us to discuss a stubborn pest problem.